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Te acercamos la naturaleza a través de la tecnología y la innovación para crear una experiencia única


Its unique automated system can be managed in loco or remotely, and it controls all the systems of the unit, safety, detect and fix simple damages.

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It is equipped with lithium batteries and reservoirs for potable water and waste. Its “total mode” enables all the systems to run simultaneously for limited time.



Our units are produced in a shipyard under strict rules so that unit size is compliant with standard transportation methods, and quick assembly using a “Plug & Go” format without generating waste at the location.

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Both design and systems aim to provide the greatest comfort to the guests and reduce energy consumption through passive systems that optimize the heat distribution in its interior.

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Platform length                                                              10.00m

Platform width .                                                               4.00m

Free height pavilion                                                         2.30m

Surface level  01                                                           40.00m²

Surface level 02 .                                                          33.80m²

1- Stern terrace (access)

2- Cabin
3- Private terrace
4- Core


    -360o shower


    -Equipment, Refrigerator, Coffee machine…

5- Slats (Side structural sun protection)
6- Access ladder to Chill-Out deck

7- Chill-Out deck

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C/ Polígono nº1, Aldaia, 46960. VALENCIA, ESPAÑA    Tel: 963 685 197

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